India to Bali Travel Guide 2023 | Flight, Budget, Itinerary, Visa, Currency | Bali Indonesia Trip

India to Bali Travel Guide 2023 | Flight, Budget, Itinerary, Visa, Currency | Bali Indonesia Trip

AlAlPlanning your Bali Trip from India. This video has the whole lot you need to know. Starting from Flights, Budget, Itinerary, Visa, Currency, Sim, and extra.

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00:00 Intro
0:35 Best Time to Visit
1:02 Flight Bookings
2:18 Visa on Arrival
3:24 Book your Bali Package
3:43 Currency
4:32 Sim
5:13 Local Transportation
7:33 ATM Facilities
8:11 Travel Insurance
8:37 Entry Fees
10:08 Food
11:11 Activities
12:08 Itinerary
15:54 Total Cost
17:45 Bonus Tips

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